The Island’s first 100% fully electric taxi service has already clocked up around 15,000 miles and taken around 1,500 fares. The business was launched six months ago and is based in Newport, run by owner Matt Malkin.

“We’re feeling optimistic for the future and hope the next six months are just as successful as our first,” Matt says. “Most of our work has come through recommendations, word of mouth and repeat business. Our next goal we’re working towards is minimising the time spent on the taxi rank. This way we can keep the taxi on charge between jobs and expand the business by securing more account work with Island businesses.

“We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, so we use a 100% renewable energy supplier for our electricity, 100% recycled materials for our business cards, receipts and promotional materials. We also offer free card payment facilities, a modern high specification car and we’re able to offer deals for regular or longer distance fares.”

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