Newport-based web technology company Made By Hippo is celebrating an extremely successful eight years working with an American tech startup company to build and manage their hardware and software architecture.

When Made by Hippo started working with US firm Fresh Nation in 2011, it was an e-commerce system allowing farmers markets to sell online. Using technology built and maintained by Made by Hippo, the firm had grown by 2014 into one worthy of a million-dollar seed investment. A year later Fresh Nation caught the attention of online powerhouse Amazon, who invested millions of dollars into the company. Amazon now utilises the software to manage its US local fresh food delivery service, Amazon Fresh.

Since 2015, Made By Hippo has worked with Fresh Nation to scale the business and the custom software into one of the leading providers of wholesale local food to multi state grocery chains over the US and has been instrumental in helping the team through numerous successful rounds of investment totalling around ten million dollars.

Carl Crawley, Hippo MD explains: “After working on this project from the start back in 2011, we’ve built an enterprise-ready commercial product that I am immensely proud of and has stood up against numerous inspections and due diligence by investment companies and tech consultancy firms. I’m very proud to hand over this successful product to the Fresh Nation team, and of course I am now looking forward to taking up some fresh opportunities closer to home.”

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