IW Chamber welcomes Shevaun Haviland, the Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce

“I’ve had a fantastic day and I’ve really been impressed by the incredible entrepreneurial energy on the Isle of WIght. It’s always fascinating to hear from business owners and to be able to understand their challenges and views, which are shared from the Chamber on the Island, to the British Chambers, where we work with government to make sure that voice is heard in Westminster.”

Shevaun Haviland, the Director General of the British Chambers and one of the most influential people working in the British economy, visited the Isle of Wight yesterday. The day was organised by the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce and it included a networking lunch at Ryde School, followed by a Q&A forum for Chamber members, chaired by Tom Stroud.

Shevaun’s visit also included a tour of Isle of Wight Tomatoes at Arreton, as well as a visit to Branstone Business Park and the IW Chamber offices. Later in the day Shevaun met with IW Chamber Patrons at the Hambrough in Ventnor. Shevaun arrived on the Island on Wightlink’s FastCat, where she was greeted by Wightlink’s CEO Keith Greenfield.

See the upcoming issue of Island Business magazine for full coverage of Shevaun’s Island visit

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