Three local businesses have joined forces to provide desperately needed clothing to be used as scrubs for local Carers during the current Covid19 pandemic.

Rapanui based in Freshwater were contacted at the weekend by Reuben Loake Managing Director of Ryde based recruitment company Isle of Wight Jobs to ask if they had any spare material or clothing available to use as scrubs for care workers.

Reuben Loake commented: “In a highly generous gesture, Rapanui immediately agreed to release a container full of high-quality clothing to any healthcare provider that needed it.

After posting on the Isle of Wight Jobs Facebook group that there was clothing available Reuben Loake received a high number of calls from care providers desperately needing disposable garments such as T Shirts as well as over 100 local people offering to help sew the garments into scrub trousers, scrub bags and head bands.

Reuben Loake says, “It soon became clear there was urgent need for disposable clothing in the care sector and we needed to act fast. If a care worker comes into contact with someone displaying symptoms, they should ideally be able to change their clothes before visiting another client”

Mr. Loake then contacted the team at Robin Hill who offered to become the distribution centre for the operation. As well as providing volunteers to help sort through the items they also transported over 100 boxes of garments from Rapanui in Freshwater to their park outside Newport.

Reuben Loake says, “The response so far has been overwhelming with over 20 care providers getting in touch after we posted our campaign on social media. We now need more homes and agencies to contact us with their requirements for tops. We have a range of sizes available as well as hoodies for those self-isolating in the care homes themselves and away from home.”

Robin Hill will be open for collections from Monday April 27th Care staff can order garments and then access the car park where their order will be ready to pick up from the car park.

To find out more or to make an order please call Isle of Wight Jobs on 01983 475110 or send a message to the Isle of Wight Jobs Facebook page – 

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