Theresa May has praised the working relationship between the public and private sectors on the Isle of Wight. At Prime Minister’s Questions this afternoon she told MPs:
“I am sure that on the Island, the business community and council will work together to create the best possible conditions for growth and competitiveness in the future.”

Theresa May’s comments have been welcomed by the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber’s Chief Executive Kevin Smith said:
“We very much agree with the Prime Minister and look forward to progressing our work with the Isle of Wight Council to increase the economic wellbeing of the whole of the Isle of Wight.”

Theresa May’s comments came in response to a question from Isle of Wight MP Andrew Turner. The Prime Minister also highlighted the contribution made by the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership, saying
“We have already been able to support the island’s economy through the local growth deal for the Solent — that is £183 million — and the Solent LEP has been supporting the Isle of Wight rural small and medium-sized enterprise programme, and my honourable friend particularly referred to rural funding. I want to make sure that we make the best of the diverse strengths of all Britain’s cities, regions and islands.”

Andrew Turner had asked the Prime Minister to “ensure that more growth funding is targeted at rural areas like the Island, with many small and microbusinesses, to deliver a country that works for all.”

Theresa May also acknowledged the difference between the Island and other parts of the UK, saying that Andrew Turner “speaks well on behalf of his constituents, and he is right to do that and I know that he has consistently put forward the unique characteristics of the Isle of Wight.”


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