The Island’s newest live music venue is getting ready to celebrate a successful first 12 months of business. Strings Bar & Venue in Newport was founded in June 2017 by local musicians Ian Davison, Claydon Connor and Guy Page.

“Strings really is a venue run by musicians for music lovers, and my aim is for it to be the best of its size on the south coast,” Claydon says. “We have worked hard to breathe life back into the island’s music scene, showcasing both named and touring acts as well as providing a platform for local talent. Since we opened, I have noticed there are more young people forming bands, rehearsing, booking shows and just getting out there and doing it – which is only a good thing. I think this is because they now have a proper rock n roll venue at which they can play, along with other up and coming acts from around the country.”

The venue has also teamed up with local music college Platform One who use Strings on a weekly basis for lessons, seminars and gigs in which students are able to showcase their projects and progress.

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