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Friday 5th April 2019
Newclose County Cricket Ground, Newport
7.30am – 9.30am
£15.00 per person

Come along and join us for our Business Breakfast hosted by Newclose County Cricket Ground. Our guest speaker this will be Tom Colwil from Valentis Health and Fitness who will be talking about Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness – It’s just like baking a cake!
How do you bake a cake? You could have a go yourself? It’ll probably take you a few attempts to make it look anything like what the blog article shows. This then leaves you with 2 options; you continue to attack it on your own, or you seek help from someone who knows more/better than you.

How do you achieve health? You could do a workout that you saw online in your lounge? You could cut your calorie intake to 800 per day because someone on Instagram who looks good said so? You could wait longer and stop running to see if that niggle goes away? Maybe it is more obvious that you could join a gym, or buy in to weight-watchers, or see a physio, this idea has been followed for decades now.

What if you need to consider all of it at once to achieve REAL health and wellness? You can’t bake a cake without considering the ingredients you put in, the time it takes to cook, the process you need to follow for it to end up how you want it to look.

Maybe the aim of achieving health and wellness actually needs a systemic approach?

Sure you can go to the gym and get the cardio fix, but is your bodyweight actually changing?

You could join a 6 week slimming world programme, but did you keep the weight off?

You could go to the physio and “be treated” for that issue and feel better for a few days, but is this niggle really going away?

Let us help you understand better about our systemic approach to health and wellness, and how we have helped hundreds of people over the years feel more prepared for the next few decades, not just for the now.”



(Friday) 7:30 am - 9:30 am


Newclose Cricket Club

Newclose Cricket Club, Blackwater Road, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 3BE

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